How Can Technologies Help In Preventing Terrorist Attacks?

Terrorist Attacks
If we use indiscriminate violence in order to create terror among the people, this is known as terrorism. During terrorist attacks, innocent people are killed deliberately. These innocent people are killed either for religious aims or for political aims. Each country has devised its own laws against terrorism. If we try to know the history of these terrorist attacks, we come to know that these terrorist attacks were stared in the first century AD. Nowadays, different technologies are devised to prevent these terrorist attacks. Here, experts of dissertation proposal writing services will discuss how technologies are helpful to us in preventing terrorist attacks.

Detecting Terrorism Before It Happens:In order to detect terrorism before it happens, an agile security system is connected with the urban infrastructure. This kind of infrastructure provides access to crimes, gunshots and smart lights to the city authorities and other private firms. After gathering data, they can easily get an idea about the terrorist attack before its happening. There are also some crime prevention tools which are deeply connected to the neural networks. In these crime prevention tools, there come license plates, crime maps and some suspicious detecting anomalies. In these crime prevention tools, there is also facial reorganization software. These technologies can easily process the data in order to get timely information about terrorist attacks. In this security system, there is also a law enforcement sector. In order to detect and control the terrorist attacks, this sector has a metropolitan police and hotspot detector. Nowadays, in many countries of Asia and the Middle East, ETAS technology is used to get an idea about the terrorist attacks. ETAS stands for Epidemic Type Aftershock Sequence. This kind of technology is also helpful for a country in crime forecasting.

Defensive Architecture:As we have discussed earlier that the agile security system of cities is helpful to us to detect the terrorist attacks. Nowadays, some pinprick changes are made in the agile security system. Now, it is working as a defensive architecture against the terrorist attacks. For this reason, they are using smart cameras and anti-vehicular systems. Due to this reason, they have controlled the various kinds of terrorist attacks. In order to get rid of these terrorist attacks, they have also made some physical changes in the environment. The local authorities of this agile system can easily get access to the personal data and they can design task forces and algorithm transparencies.

Internet:Nowadays, the internet has also become an impressive resource to detect and prevent terrorist attacks. Its reason is that most of the terrorists try to enhance their propaganda through the internet. For this reason, they use some social media sites and some other technologies. That’s why security departments are also trying to detect terrorist attacks with the help of the internet. These security departments try to detect the activities of the terrorists and the language of these terrorists. The internet is also helpful for the security teams to get an idea about the online supporters of these terrorists. There is also text analysis software which can easily detect the activities of the terrorists.

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