10 most useful websites for students to learn and get help with their assignments

Technology is considered detrimental for the students as it causes a lot of distractions for students. But at the same time, technology brings a lot of useful websites for the students to learn and get help their assignments. Here are 10 most useful websites for students that can help them in making their assignments. 

1. EdX.org

Edx is one of the world’s leading MOOC platforms. MOOCs (massive open online courses) are offered for free of cost to students.It is widely used website by the students.

2. Trove
This website is an online library database that brings the content from different libraries, archives and other research organizations. It’s an amazing website for the studentswho are looking for the material for an essay or research assignment.

3. Self-Control
This web tool blocks the internet access to any sites in its blacklist for a certain period of time. Once the timer has started, those sites will be blocked and nothing you will do can reverse it.It is but a good thing - it presses you to give full concentrate on your work, even when you’re tempted to stray.

4. ExamTime
It is a useful desktop and mobile app that help students to make online flash cards, quizzes and notes. This app also helps students to get other many handy tools such as an online calendar and study planner. It’s a good tool to collaborate with friends and classmates whilst studying.

5. Studiosity
This website is being used by many thousands of students around the world. This website tool gives you a procedure to make you’re your assignment and assess it through different assessing tools. It returns standard judgment and detailed feedback.

6. iHomework
iHomework is a handy app that ensures that you will never miss an assignment deadline again. It allows you to have a stock of reading materials, schedules, exams, assessment dates, tutoring sessions. Working with this app helps you in keep you updated regarding the deadlines.

7. EasyBib

Referencing can be a panic, but it doesn’t have to be. EasyBib allows students to precisely establish citations by scanning book barcodes with the help of your smart phone’s camera. Students can easily export the citation and add into their essays. This app will improve students’ assessment writing.

8. Academic earth
The website gives plenty of academic options to student from traditional to contemporary studies. They render online degree courses from economics to literature;from engineering to social sciences, and also possess material on other fields like psychology, geography, history etc. Else, it has a good collaboration with number of renowned educational institutes such as University of Oxford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University and many other.

9. Big Think
Students make great use of this website by establishing their own distinct notion, as it provides numerous opinions on one subject. Apart, students can also receive views from experts as well.

10. Brightstorm
University scholars use this website for references which mitigate their dissertation problems. They offer help in all subjects from history to, mathematics to science; interior designing to history and other subjects.

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