Some Simple Writing Tips to Avoid Marks Deduction in Your Coursework

Marks deduction in the coursework is undoubtedly everyone’s nightmare. Every student wants to score higher and wit better grades. Students make mistakes in the coursework that leads to an increased deduction in their marks. Here are some useful tips that will help gain marks. 

1. Be careful about the given word count. The students seem to have more focus on the content and much lesser focus on the required number of words. When the word count exceeds that of the required limit, it leads to the deduction of marks. When the professors mention the word count, it shows that they want the content to be brief and comprehensive. Better marks can only be gained in the coursework assignments when the mentioned word count is followed and the content of the assignment is kept restricted within that mentioned word count.

2. The better the usage of adverbs and adjectives in writing, the better the assignment or the essay will look. It should be made sure that the students must use as much of their imagination as possible. This will help in making the essay or the piece of writing more innovative and imaginative. However, the content that has been written should be relevant and comprehensive. This helps the students in gaining more marks.

3. Beforewriting the assignment, the students should have an idea of the marks that are allocated to the assignment or the paper. In most of the cases, it has been seen that ninemarks are allocated for the overall content of the paper and nine marks for the language that has been used in the paper. In these cases, the content refers to the relevant ideas that have been used and the language refers to the level of accuracy and style of the paper. This is the overall marks allocation that has to be kept in mind as the students begin to write his or her paper.

4. Style of writing also has a greater weightage. Before the student begins to write the paper, the style of writing that is required must be kept in mind. The student may be asked to write a formal letter, an essay that is required to be simply descriptive, to be a narrative, or may be persuasive; the question and the main requirements of the essay need to be read carefully. The student must be able to express himself in an efficient manner. The student with the help of his or her writing should also show that he or shecould express himself. The writing and the expressions should be in accordance to the given topic.

5. It is important that all the assignments and the essays that are written are to the point and arein accordance to the requirements. In most of the cases, it has been seen that the students tend to slip away from the topic that leads to the loss of marks.

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